Your First 1000: Take the leap towards your online business on Twitter

Jacked Aecus
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Take the first step in growing your online business on Twitter and start earning money from the platform.

Let me help you in taking the first step.

Let us cross the first and the most difficult hurdle.

First of all, Why in this world, you should trust me?

Here's a proof:

I know what I am talking about.

I know how the Twitter game works.

I know about the strategies that work.

The easiest approach to learn and achieve is to learn from the errors of others so you don't spend time and money repeating the same mistakes.

I did the hard work for months so you didn't have to.

  1. Trial and Error
  2. Experimenting with various techniques
  3. Trying to figure out how the algorithm works
  4. Failing several times over and over again

All so I could fine-tune my method and, eventually, help YOU increase your Twitter!

So, how precisely can I assist you?

Introducing, "Your First 1000".

Let's start with a question: “What if you had a Twitter account that would help you make an extra $1k - 10k per month that too by investing just 30 minutes per day?”

"Your First 1000" is purely created for users who are under 1000 followers on Twitter.

This is the most difficult and most crucial step.

More than 90% of Twitter users who start to build an online business give up before they hit the 1k mark.


Because the initial grind is not easy.

When I started Twitter, I struggled a lot to hit the first 1000 followers on my account.

I decided to pen down all the strategies that helped me in crossing the first hurdle in my Twitter journey.

You'll find tried and tested strategies that work specifically for accounts that are struggling to hit their first 1000 followers.

The initial grinding is not easy.

Keeping up the motivation is not easy.

Keeping these hurdles in mind, I have covered everything that you need to:

  • Grow your audience
  • Generate a passive income
  • Successfully manage a Twitter account

Questions that you might ask:

“English is not my first language.”

More than 60% of Twitter creators are not from an English-speaking background (including me). 

“I am not a writer. Can I still build an audience on Twitter?”

Yes, you can. You are not born with skill; you acquire it with time.

“Building an audience is not something I can do. It requires a lot of effort.”

Yes, it does. But we will never hate an extra $1k in our bank account every month or even every week. You don’t need to put much effort. You need to be consistent.

“I’m not an expert in any field.”

No one is an expert. Everyone starts somewhere. Start today, and you’ll thank yourself later.

“I am already doing a job or business. Can I manage twitter while doing my job?”

Yes, you can. As I already mentioned, you have to invest not more than 30 minutes per day. And that’s 100% doable.

“Do I have something special?”

You never know who wants to learn from you.

You won’t find it out until you give it a shot. Right?

“What if I fail?”

There are 0% chances of failure on Twitter if you’re consistent.

What's Inside:

This guide is divided into 16 different sections:

Section 1: Introduction

In this section, I will tell you about my journey to hit and I will give you an overview of the upcoming topics of the ebook.

Section 2: Mindset

In this section, we'll know about the importance of Twitter as a platform.

We will also build a strong mindset and at last, I will answer some of the FAQs that a new user might have.

Section 3: Why are the first 1k followers so important?

We will talk about the importance of the first 1k followers in this section.

An average Twitter account has about 60 followers. So the 1k followers' mark is a milestone in itself.

Section 4: Niche selection and Target audience

We talk about the variety of niches out there from which you can easily choose your own niche and find your target audience.

Section 5: Set up your Twitter profile

In this section, we will set up a professional-looking profile to start our own brand on Twitter.

There are sub-sections included and they are:

  1. Why does your Twitter profile matter?
  2. Personal v/s Non-Personal Account
  3. Name and Twitter handle
  4. Profile Picture
  5. Bio

Section 6: Find Accounts of your Niche

In this section, we will learn how to find the right accounts to engage with.

Twitter creators mostly waste their time finding out the best accounts. I will give you a fast track on the topic.

Section 7: Growth Strategies

We are going to get straight to the point and take action.

These strategies worked wonders for me and it'll do wonders for you too.

Section 8: The Importance of Quality Consumption

“You create quality when you consume quality.”

We will learn about the importance of Quality Consumption and the freely available sources of Quality Consumption.

Section 9: How to write tweets that grab attention

In this section, we are going to learn about multiple ways to write highly engaging tweets.

Also, we will look at some readily available templates that you can simply use and post on your own profile.

Section 10: Introduction to Twitter Threads

Here, we will have a look at the importance of Twitter threads.

Section 11: How to deal with hate and unfollows on Twitter

This section is perhaps one of the most important sections of the ebook.

In this section, we talk about how to cope with hatred and how to be strong and constant along the trip.

We also talk about unfollows which is also a huge source of disappointment for budding creators on Twitter.

Section 12: Monitor your Growth

Here, we talk about the best resources available out there to monitor your growth.

This way, we learn what works and what doesn't over a period of time.

Section 13: Monetization

We all want to earn bucks. What else we're here for?

So, in this section, we talk about everything you need to know to earn real cash from the platform.

Section 14: The Art of Selling

In this section, we learn about the methods and strategies that you can use to sell your products on Twitter.

It all comes down to a perfect conversation in the beginning and we learn how to master it.

Section 15: Things to avoid

In this section, we are going to learn "What Not to Do" on Twitter.

Nobody wants their account to be deleted because they violated Twitter's regulations.

Section 16: Beyond 1k followers

There is a whole new world of opportunities waiting for you after hitting the 1k followers mark.

We talk about those opportunities in this section.

You just need this single ebook to solve each and every problem you face as a beginner on Twitter.

I have concentrated a lot on "MINDSET".

It's easy to start something but going forward with it even if you see the very least amount of results is not easy.

That's where the strategies in this ebook will help you move forward with willpower, discipline, and determination.

What if you don't find the ebook useful?

Do not worry.

With the purchase of "Your First 1000", you get a one-month money-back guarantee.

What does this mean?

This means that even if you followed all the strategies mentioned in the guide and still you were not able to see results, I will return 100% money of your money back to you.


Click on "I WANT THIS" and start your online business today.

For further queries, you can DM me on Twitter or send me an email at

I want this!

Take a giant leap and cross the very first and most difficult hurdle in your Twitter growth journey.

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Your First 1000: Take the leap towards your online business on Twitter

11 ratings
I want this!