Beginners Guide to Twitter: Start Your Journey as a Creator

Jacked Aecus
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Want to start your journey as a creator on Twitter?

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Start Your Creator Journey on Twitter today!


Why in this world you should trust me?

Here's a proof:

I know what I am talking about.

I know how the Twitter game works.

I know about the strategies that work.

Let's start with a question:

Why you should start your online business through Twitter?

Why do you want to build an audience on Twitter?

Why must you invest your time and energy on Twitter?

Why is it better than Instagram, Facebook, or even YouTube?

Let us find out.

  1. Low competition
  2. The Twitter audience is more mature
  3. The spending power of Twitter users is more
  4. You can grow as a person on Twitter
  5. You can monetize your account even at 100 followers mark
  6. Twitter provides you 100% organic and authentic audience 
  7. You get direct access to the lives of intellectuals from all around the world

These are some of the 1000s of reasons to choose Twitter over anything else.


“What if you had a Twitter account that would help you make an extra $1k - 10k per month by investing just 30 minutes per day?”

It sounds impossible. Right?

But let me tell you,

It is 100% possible and authentic.

I want you to know that investing time on Twitter is 100% worth it because:

  • Twitter is a cash machine. You’ll be able to pay your bills if you do it right
  • You’ll grow as a person when you consume content on Twitter

You just need these two things to become a successful creator on Twitter:

  • Consistency
  • Basic Discipline


Let us have a look at What's Inside:

This guide is divided into 9 different sections:

Section 1: Introduction

In this section, we talk about the importance of Twitter. I also give you an overview of the ebook.

Section 2: Mindset

We will talk about the creator mindset you need to develop. This will tune your mind in the direction of the creator.

Section 3: Find Your Goals

We will talk about the long-term and short-term goals that you must have.

Section 4: Your Target Audience

We talk about the kind of audience that you need to create content for.

Section 5: Twitter Profile

In this section, we learn how to build a good-looking professional Twitter profile. We also learn about the methods to set up your account.

Section 6: Niche Selection

In this section, we talk about niches. Niche will be the specific field in which you'll dive deep as a creator.

Section 7: Growth Strategies

We look at the easiest growth strategies in this section.

Section 8: Monitor Your Growth

We learn about the analysis of your growth in this section.

Section 9: Beyond This Book

In this section, I talk about the steps you need to take after reading the book.

I am 100% sure that you'll get a lot of value out of this book.

Start your journey right now!

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Start your Twitter Journey as a Creator Today!

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Beginners Guide to Twitter: Start Your Journey as a Creator

41 ratings
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